Book Review: Dead Iron

Dead Iron: The Age of Steam, by Devon Monk

Cedar Hunt is cursed with the memory of his brother’s death and living by phases of the moon as a lycanthrope. Making a living as a bounty hunter, Cedar’s latest mission is to find the local blacksmith’s kidnapped son. Meanwhile, a witch wants vengeance on the man who killed her husband. But the evil man behind it all has a dark agenda and has made a deal with a seemingly unstoppable creature.

Strong and vivid characters are the highlight of this unique new steampunk novel. Cedar Hunt is a tortured soul, but places his duty above all else. Rose is a local girl with a mysterious past, who has hidden abilities with mechanics and seeing beyond magic. The quirky Madder brothers are a trouble-making trio with connections. And Mae Lindson is a witch who left behind her magic for the sake of her husband.

Skillfully blending a tale of the Old West with fantasy and steam-run mechanics, Monk offers up a decidedly unique and entertaining world. With plenty of mystery, adventure, and suspense, it was completely spellbinding. Dark and full of wonder and excitement, this was impossible to put down. A few unanswered plotlines are being saved for future installments and will leave readers wanting more. First in a promising new series, Dead Iron is surprising and unforgettable.

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