Book Review: Dead Mann Walking

Dead Mann Walking, by Stefan Petrucha

Hessius Mann was a police detective before getting convicted of his wife’s murder. After he was executed, new evidence surfaced and his case was overturned. But Mann was reanimated with a recent scientific breakthrough. Now, Mann works as a private detective, while dealing with a spotty memory and a body that is slowly decomposing. When zombies, called chakz, begin turning up mutilated and missing their heads, Mann discovers that it has something to do with a recent missing persons’ case. And the killer may be after Mann as well.

Mann is a likeable zombie, with a mind of his own – for now. Petrucha has created an horrific, near-future world wear zombies come in several forms. But eventually they go feral and become the mindless killers from the movies. Mann not only has to deal with his job, but the constant fear of turning feral. So the novel is not only thrilling from a physical standpoint but from a psychological one as well.

With plenty of danger, intrigue, and drama, this zombie thriller is pure excitement from beginning to end. A zombie noir, this mystery is chilling with plenty of twists. Tim Waggoner’s Matt Richter series immediately came to mind when reading this novel, as both are zombie detectives. Petrucha’s new series has a darker feel, more horror, less humor, and science fiction instead of fantasy. With the popularity of zombies increasing, this is sure to be a hit with the fans. I certainly enjoyed the exceptional characters and thrilling mystery.

Dead Mann Walking will release from Roc Books on October 4, 2011.

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