Book Review: Dead Waters

Dead Waters, by Anton Strout

Working for the Department of Extraordinary Affairs and the Fraternal Order of Goodness (FOG), Simon Canderous fights all sorts of supernatural bad guys. But when a college professor who used to work for FOG is found dead, this murder is even strange by their standards. Meanwhile, Simon’s relationship with Jane becomes a bit tense when he feels pressured to take it to the next level.

Strout’s characters are creative and fun. Each agent has their own unique abilities, Simon’s being that he can “see” and experience the past of objects that he touches. And even though his job is almost always dangerous, he still manages a light-hearted sense of humor that makes this urban fantasy series completely enjoyable to read.

This is the fourth installment in Simon Canderous series, though they work well as stand-alone novels as well. Suspense, danger, and mystical creatures abound in this latest mystery. Emotions run hot in this action-packed, zombie-infested thriller. With a fun twist on classic horror films, this may be my favorite in the series yet.

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