Book Review: Doppelgangster


Doppelgangster, by Laura Resnick

Esther Diamond is a struggling actress in New York. When she starts working at a restaurant known for being a local mob hang out, her current love interest (who happens to be a cop) isn’t happy about it. After Esther is the sole witness to a murder of a well-known wiseguy, she soon finds herself in the middle of a mystery involving doppelgangers, curses, and revenge.

As soon as I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down. Esther is a fantastic character, complex and smart. But the wiseguys are the real treat, appearing as if they walked right out of Goodfellas. The plot is a fast-paced mystery, with and plenty of suspense, magic, and laced with humor. Italian mafia, peculiar magic, a bit of romance, and a murder mystery – what a great combination! Doppelgangster was completely entertaining from beginning to end.

This was easily some of the most fun I’ve had reading urban fantasy. I’m glad I read it over Christmas break, as I couldn’t put it down and finished it within a day. If you’re looking for a fast and fun fantasy, look no further. I have found a new author to follow, and another book to make my list of favorites of the year.

Doppelgangster will be available from DAW Books January 5, 2010 in bookstores everywhere.

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