Book Review: Dragonseed


Dragonseed, by James Maxey, is third in his Dragon Age series.

Following the events in Bitterwood and Dragonforge, the humans have captured Dragon Forge and are being led by the fanatical Ragnar and machinist Burke. But when Burke is forced to flee because of his opposing view, he leaves the group of human refugees in the hands of a madman against a horde of invading dragons. Meanwhile, Jandra goes in search of her genie in hopes of having her powers return. And Bitterwood accompanies young Zeeky in search of her brother. But someone else has discovered the power of the genies and has been attracting followers to his healing magic, creating a loyal gathering of humans and dragons alike.

Maxey has created a vivid and complex world of a futuristic society where dragons have overcome their human creators. Advanced technology has been suppressed and forgotten. In true epic fantasy fashion, there are numerous, colorful characters with distinct stories and motivations that affect their journey. But each character is interconnected, the humans all working towards freedom. And the anthropomorphized dragons are just as important and give life to a powerful story.

In this latest novel, there is just as much danger and suspense for the heroes as well as powerful enemies. Several characters thought dead, make surprising returns. And some characters make untimely ends, with emotional results. With a thrilling showdown, the climactic ending leaves a satisfying conclusion yet room for more. Maxey has impressed me once again. Fantasy fans should not miss this fantastic series.

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