Book Review: Flip

Flip, by Martyn Bedford

When 14-year-old Alex wakes up one morning, he discovers that it’s the wrong day and that six months have disappeared. But even more disturbing is that Alex is in someone else’s body, in another home, in another part of the country. Knowing that no one would believe him, Alex struggles to live as Philip (Flip) whose body he has taken. Meanwhile, he searches for answers to what happened to him and his original body – and if it’s even possible to return.

Readers will find it easy to sympathize with Alex. While he wants to find a way back home, he still worries about Flip’s family. Though, he cares little for Flip’s friends and sees them only as distractions. Switching from a skinny asthmatic boy to a fit, athletic one, Alex deals with an identity crisis like none other.

Bedford’s skilled writing pulls the reader into the unfolding story and doesn’t let go. This paranormal drama is full of mystery, suspense, and angst. This is not an action-packed story, but rather focuses on Alex’s inner struggle with his identity and his drive to find his way back home. Stirring and poignant, Flip is unique and inspired.

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