TV Review: TNT’s Falling Skies

I was lucky enough to receive a press kit for TNT’s upcoming new science fiction thriller Falling Skies, including the pilot and second episode. This post-apocalyptic series will premiere Sunday, June 19, at 9 pm (ET/PT), before moving into its regular timeslot of Sundays at 10 pm (ET/PT). The two-hour premiere begins with the devastating aftermath of an alien invasion, where the aliens won. The remaining human survivors are now coming together, led by citizen soldiers of all ages, who struggle to fight back against their mysterious alien oppressors.

Noah Wyle stars as Tom Mason, the widowed father of three boys – one of whom has been taken by the aliens that now control Earth. Will Patton is Weaver, the harsh, militaristic leader of their small resistance group. And Moon Bloodgood stars as Anne Glass, a pediatrician who steps up to take a leadership role with the civilians under her care.

As this is post-apocalyptic, the mood is of course dark and poignant. The story revolves around Tom Mason (Wyle) and his family, as he searches for his missing middle son – while he and his eldest son continue to fight in the resistance. Each episode has its own sub-story, while continuing the overall story arc. Viewers won’t want to miss an episode.

I was pleasantly surprised with the fantastic special effects. The aliens are creepy, mysterious, and deadly. Despite the dim and seemingly-hopeless situation, Falling Skies is an exciting, action-packed series with plenty of heart. The situation that the human resistance faces causes people to find hope and happiness in small things. This new scifi series is completely engaging, stirring, and intense. This is a must-see for science fiction and action fans. And I have a feeling that with Steven Spielberg’s name tied to the show as Executive Producer, Falling Skies will be generating new fans of many curious viewers. This show certainly lives up to its hype. Don’t miss it.

9 thoughts on “TV Review: TNT’s Falling Skies”

  1. This post-apocalyptic series will premier Sunday, June 19, at 9 pm (ET/PT), before moving into its regular timeslot of Sundays at 10 pm (ET/PT).

    Should be premiere. Premier is the first of its kind or high ranking. Premiere is the first showing of a play or event.

  2. I can’t wait for this show, I saw a preview at the movie theater and I’m dying to see it.

  3. Omg…you liked this?

    I guess a press kit can buy good reviews. This show was horrible.

    Special effects were bad too.

  4. +1. This show was complete rubbish. I turned off this snoozefest after 45 minutes of my life had been squandered. When I die I am going to be pissed about that 45 minutes…

  5. If I am properly researching their website, all that is availble is bits & pieces, but not listed under their “Full Episodes” section. Thank you for your response. I just found your site today, and I am very impressed with the variety you present. Thank you, from northern Delaware.

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