Book Review: Floors: Book 1

Floors: Book 1, by Patrick Carman

Leo Fillmore is the son of the Whippet Hotel’s maintenance man. The 10-year-old loves the hotel and works with his father to keep the place up and running amidst it’s odd rooms and extravagant guests. But the owner, Merganzer Whippet, has been missing for over one hundred days, and the place seems to be falling apart. When Leo stumbles upon a strange box left for him, it starts him out on a wonderful adventure with clues and puzzles. But with the fate of the hotel in the balance, Leo must hurry to solve the puzzles in time.

Leo is a kind-hearted, likeable boy with a spirit of adventure. The Whippet Hotel itself is an eccentric character with incredible rooms filled with pinball games, trains, cakes, and flying farm animals. Carman’s amazing world within a hotel is very much like Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Amazing adventures, quirky characters, and an incredible mystery – Floors is an entertaining and engaging read from beginning to end. With time running out on Leo, the suspense builds to an enjoyable conclusion with a fun twist. Imaginative children of all ages will enjoy this magical new release.