Book Review: The Clone Codes

The Clone Codes, by The McKissacks

In 2170, cyborgs treated like second class citizens, and clones are treated as slaves and property. When her mother is arrested for treason, thirteen-year-old Leanna must run for her life. As Leanna soon learns, her mother is involved in The Liberty Bell Movement, a secret society that believes in equal rights for clones and cyborgs. And Leanna has been kept in the dark about a secret that changes everything.

This is a short, fast-paced series debut geared towards middle grade readers. In this first installment in the Clone Codes series, we are introduced to the futuristic society that has passed laws to make sure clones and cyborgs are below other humans in every way. Leanna is naïve, but likeable, as she begins her journey of self-discovery and introduced to The Liberty Bell Movement. Leanna has just been learning more about the United States’ days of slavery and Abolitionism. And she is given a rude awakening that history has been repeating itself.

The Clone Codes is an exciting new science fiction thriller with plenty of scenarios to make readers think. Science fiction fans of all ages will enjoy this adventure with solid characters, intrigue, and high-tech gadgets. Ending in a mild cliffhanger, readers will want to pick up the next in the series immediately.