Book Review: Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Heat Wave, is written by the fictitious Richard Castle from the hit ABC drama Castle.

During a record heat wave in New York City, famous journalist Jameson Rook has been allowed to tag along with Homicide Detective Nikki Heat’s team, in order to write a story on NYPD’s finest. Their current case is the murder of a business man, pushed off his balcony to the street below. As the case begins to unravel, more bodies are found. And the case grows more complex. Nothing is what it seems, except for the palpable heat between Nikki and the charming but persistent Rook.

Written to be obvious parallels to the tv show characters, I loved the camaraderie and sharp humor between the detectives and Rook. Much like the show, the writing is fast-paced and quick-witted. The characters themselves almost overshadow the plot. But the mystery itself is impressively complex and engaging. The relationship between Heat and Rook has the same chemistry that Beckett and Castle have on the show, though the novel gets much steamier.

Fans of Castle will love this clever tie-in, often referred to in the show itself. It’s fresh and fun novelization from a fantastic show. Heat Wave is a wonderful idea to get an audience pulled even further into the world of Castle, with a tangible representation.

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