Book Review: Hunt for the Eye of Ogin

Hunt for the Eye of Ogin

Hunt for the Eye of Ogin, by Patrick Doud

While walking through the woods, thirteen-year-old Elwood Pitch and his dog Slukee find themselves transported to the foreign land of Winnitok with no way to return. He soon meets a young girl named Drallah and her talking bird Booj. The four team up on a journey to find Granashon, Winnitok’s protector and the only one who may know how to get Elwood home.

Winnitok is an interesting land that seems to be early Native America meets Narnia, with its large talking animals. Doud has created a vast world of fantastic creatures of mythical proportions where the good people of Winnitok are under attack by the forces of evil. Elwood and Drallahs travels take them on an epic journey through treacherous lands and unknown foes.

I imagine that children may enjoy this one more than adults. It just felt a bit slow for my taste and as if something was missing. The action and adventure was tame for a fantasy quest adventure. But there were some interesting characters and enough suspense to keep me reading. And a wonderful climactic ending with an unexpected twist, left me pleasantly satisfied.

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