Book Review: Hunting Memories

Hunting Memories

Hunting Memories, by Barb Hendee, is the 2nd book in the Vampire Memories series.

Following the concluding events in Blood Memories, the ruthless vampire Julian Ashton has fled back to Europe. And Eleisha Clevon has forged a new life with fellow vampire Phillip and the psychic human Wade. But she has been secretly corresponding with another vampire. Eleisha and Rose have a vision to provide a safe haven for vampires that don’t want to kill humans, safe from Julian. It seems there are other vampires out there that have escaped Julian’s killing spree.

Barb Hendee has created a different world of vampires, where the vampires are the hunted and live in hiding. Each character is given a dramatic backstory, with complex relationships and motivations. Incredibly suspenseful and eerily vivid, this sequel is once again fast-paced and hard to put down.

This fantasy series continues to impress me. I enjoyed this installment even more than the first. It wasn’t quite as dark and bleak, with Eleisha and Rose’s idea of a better life for everyone. With powerful characters and an impressive storyline, vampire and urban fantasy fans shouldn’t miss this unique series.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Hunting Memories”

  1. Interesting. Its too bad you dont review self-published stuff, I got mine on my site.

    Anyhow, out of curiosiy, what is your criteria for review? Do you review things that might be appealin to female audience?

  2. Emperor – I receive so many books for potential review, that I just don’t promise reviews any longer. There are no specific criteria. I have a TBR pile of over 100 books, with additional books arriving daily. So whichever book I’m in the mood for, is the one that gets picked up.

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