Book Review: Ice


Ice, by Sarah Beth Durst

As 18-year-old Cassie tries to track an elusive polar bear, he seemingly escapes through solid ice. When she tells her father about the bear, he reacts strangely and tells her she’s leaving the Arctic research station. Unbeknownst to Cassie, the fairy tale that her grandmother recited to her each night as a child was true. A magical polar bear made a deal with Cassie’s mother that he would marry Gail’s daughter. Now, he has returned for Cassie.

A true modern-day fairy tale, Durst has created a world of wonder and magic. Cassie is an incredibly brave and remains true to herself and her family. Bear is also a wonderful character. He is mysterious and honorable. Their relationship is very much like “Beauty and the Beast.” But Cassie and Bear’s story is much more complex. And Cassie is forced to make difficult decisions and always makes the one that she thinks is right, following her heart no matter what the cost.

Ice is a fairy tale focused towards young adults, but is an ageless story. Durst is a talented storyteller, weaving a vibrant and beautiful tale of fantasy, love, and family. I will definitely be checking out Durst’s other works. Young adult fantasy fans, don’t miss this one.

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