Book Review: Invasion: A CHAOS Novel


Invasion: A CHAOS Novel, by Jon S. Lewis

Tested in secret one summer, Colt McAlister is introduced to a covert agency called CHAOS (Central Headquarters Against the Occult and Supernatural). But his memories are immediately wiped of the incident, before Colt leaves the training facility. Colt decides to live with his grandfather in Arizona, when his parents are suddenly killed in a car crash. Soon after arriving at his new school, Colt receives a mysterious text message telling him his parents were murdered. His mother was a journalist, about to publish a story about the powerful corporation Trident Industries. Colt’s own life is put in danger when he decides to investigate. An alien invasion is imminent, using Trident as a cover.
But the agents of CHAOS have plans for him, as Colt discovers a world that he only thought existed in comic books.

Colt is a brave and confident teen who runs head-first into trouble. His friends Oz and Danielle are extremely loyal and are able to lend their own gifts to the fight against Trident. Lewis has created a fantastic world of aliens, robots, mind control devices, and other advanced technology that feels like stepping into the pages of a comic book.

Invasion is the first installment to a promising series. Marketed towards young adults, this exciting debut will appeal to comic book and science fiction fans of all ages. Non-stop danger and suspense, exciting intrigue, wild aliens, and a bit of teenage angst round out this top notch scifi thriller. Pure fun from beginning to end, I highly recommend this extraordinary new release.

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