Book Review: Iron King

Iron King

Iron King, by Julie Kagawa

On Meghan Chase’s 16th birthday, her eyes are opened to a world she could have never imagined. Her best friend Robbie is actually the famous faery Puck (Robin Greenfellow). Robbie has been her guardian for years. And when Meghan’s little brother is kidnapped, she and Robbie must travel to the netherworld to rescue him. Along the way, Meghan discovers the shocking truth about where she comes from.

Meghan is a brave and strong girl, with a lot of depth. And while others in her life are not always likeable, Meghan stands out with strong character. Kagawa’s faery world is well-developed, with a creative twist on the legend. The faery world is on the brink of war, and Meghan plays a central role in the future of that world. The faery characters are fun, but dark and mostly dangerous.

This was one of the most enjoyable young adult fantasies that I’ve read in quite a while. With a great deal of suspense and danger, Iron King was all but impossible to put down. With just a hint of romance and a mild cliffhanger that promises more, young fantasy fans will be clamoring for the sequel, Iron Daughter that was recently released. Action, adventure, and magic – this book has it all. I highly recommend this fantastic debut.

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