Book Review: Nocturne


Nocturne, by L.D. Harkrader

Found as an abandoned baby by the bookseller and magician Anatole, Flannery Lane has been studying magic her whole life, but with many restrictions. But when Anatole falls ill suddenly, Flan takes it upon herself to run the shop as if she were her adopted uncle. The townsfolk have no idea that Flan herself is the magician helping them. And now strange happenings around town have begun pushing Flan to her limit. Then, a handsome, young visitor comes to the shop asking for information on vampire hunting. And Flan soon stumbles upon a dark secret that will threaten everyone she cares about.

Flan is a talented but restless girl, feeling stifled by her uncle, unable to perform or practice all of the magic that she’d like. But she remains loyal and loving towards Anatole, if not always obedient. Puppy love begins to blossom between Flan and her new visitor Pascoe, the mysterious vampire hunter. And though, his true identity and persona become obvious, Flan is still shocked. Geared towards middle readers, the story never gets truly violent and is appropriate for all ages. The story is dark, mysterious and eerie. With plenty of fast-paced excitement and fun, this companion novel to A Practical Guide to Vampires is a fantastic addition to the series.

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