Book Review: Star Trek: The Children of Kings

Star Trek: The Children of Kings

Star Trek: The Children of Kings, by David Stern

When Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise investigate a distress call from a remote station, they find the Federation base destroyed with no survivors. According to the sensor readings, Klingons attack the outpost. And while most of the crew is quick to condemn them, there are a few who question the findings. Soon, another distress call lures the Enterprise to an Orion ship, but it lies within Klingon space. And tensions could lead to war.

This early crew of the Enterprise are young and still getting to know each other. The camaraderie has yet to be developed, and Stern does an excellent job of introducing them all. The most well-known characters – Spock and Pike don’t get as much “face-time” as others. But I wasn’t disappointed. The story mostly revolved around the Orions and the Enterprise’s doctor, and in true Trek form, gave us moral dilemmas on top of everything else.

Fast-paced and incredibly engaging, The Children of Kings is a fascinating look at the Pike era as well as a deeper focus on the Orions. Combining drama, action, and intrigue, this story won me over quickly. This Star Trek fan was completely satisfied and impressed.

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