Book Review: Outpost

Outpost, by Adam Baker

Kasker Rampart is a neglected refinery in the remote Arctic Ocean. Fifteen people are left when the news reports of a global plague and rioting in the streets. And when their early rescue relief fails to arrive, the crew realizes that they’ll have to find their own way home. With winter coming, the crew will face starvation, freezing weather, and depression. But even worse, they won’t be isolated from the plague for long.

Jane is a priest who is just about to give up on life, when she receives a will to live with the news of the plague. She becomes the heroine protagonist, and the center of a majority of the story. Baker’s characters are all complex and compelling. And the suspense is riveting.

This science fiction thriller has the feel of Rucka and Lieber’s Whiteout meets a zombie apocalypse. Dark, intense, dramatic, and with plenty of excitement, the struggle of the Rampart’s crew against insurmountable odds is an adrenaline rush from beginning to end. The source of the plague is never really explained, but the symptoms and effects of its zombie-like victims are fantastically fresh and fun. The suspense and violence builds to a big finish, with more than a few surprises along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this recent horror release.

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