Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: Popular Clone

Popular Clone by M.E. Castle

Fisher Bas is a geeky boy, excelling in math and science. His parents are both genius inventors, so it runs in the family. But Fisher has his share of problems at school: bullies and getting up the nerve to talk to his crush the pretty and smart Veronica. His only friend at school is his science teacher. So Fishers decides to clone himself, sending his clone to school, while Fisher stays home to live the easy life. But his clone “Two” quickly becomes popular and causes major problems for the young genius. When the evil scientist Dr. X abducts Two, Fisher must face his fears and save the day using his intellect and ingenuity.

Popular Clone is a cute, fast-paced series debut with plenty of light-hearted humor and fun. Packed with clever and funny invention illustrations, that will amuse and inspire young inventors. This would make for a great children’s cartoon series as well. Fisher is a bright but awkward kid that many will relate to and sympathize with. The humor is slapstick and silly. And the characters are eccentric and larger than life. This was an enjoyable break from the more recent dramatic and dark novels I’ve been reading.

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