Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Thief’s Covenant

Thief’s Covenant by Ari Marmell

Years ago, Adrienne Satti was an orphan, adopted into society by a kind older man. But when Adrienne is the lone survivor of a brutal massacre, she has to leave her life of luxury and return to the streets. Now, Adrienne is known as Widdershins, a thief with the local Guild and always accompanied and assisted by the forgotten god Olgun. But suddenly, her somewhat stable life is threatened when the city guards want to arrest her for questioning, members of her Guild want her killed, and a mysterious conspiracy seems to be returning with a vengeance.

Adrienne/Widdershins has been through a lifetime of heartache in her early years. Her relationship with Olgun is close and unique. He often helps her out of tough scrapes, but is limited in his power. The narrative jumps around in time a bit, telling Adrienne/Widdershins’ story in a way that could be confusing. But if readers read the synopsis first, it’s easy enough to know what’s going on with the time jumping.

Thief’s Covenant is a fantastic new fantasy full of swashbuckling adventure, interesting characters, and a plot that unfolds like a mystery. This new series has a lot of potential, with plenty of action, humor, drama, and magic. The book is marketed towards young adults, but more mature fantasy fans will enjoy this fun and enchanting story as well.

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