Book Review: Rip Tide

Rip Tide, by Kat Falls

When Ty and Gemma stumble across a derelict township, they are shocked to discover that people were locked in and left to die as the ship sank. Something very sinister is happening, and Ty finds himself in the middle of tense relations with the irritable serfs. When Ty’s parents are kidnapped, Ty and Gemma race to find clues to their whereabouts and uncover a trail of disreputable dealings with outlaws, serfs and even the government.

Rip Tide is the sequel to Fall’s remarkable Dark Life, following Ty and Gemma on another incredible adventure. Throughout the story, the relationship between the two continues to grow, especially while Gemma deals with a debilitating fear of swimming in the ocean. In Fall’s unique world, humanity must turn to the oceans as the surface dwellers are cramped and over populated. The world beneath the water is vast and dangerous, but beautiful and full of wonder.

This latest story is even more dark and intense than the last. Full of mystery and intrigue, this science fiction novel for young adults is fast-paced and engaging. With several surprises along the way, I enjoyed this exciting voyage as much as the first. And while the story has a definite ending as before, I hope this riveting series continues.

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