Book Review: Sweet Venom

Sweet Venom, by Tera Lynn Childs

Gretchen is a teenager torn between two worlds. While trying to keep up with school, she hunts monstrous creatures from the underworld at night. Meanwhile, Grace is new to San Francisco and her elite school. Then one night she sees a minotaur right out of Greek mythology, making her question her sanity. But the next time she sees a monster, Grace is confronted with a girl that looks exactly like her. Greer is living the high life with money, popularity, and a wannabe-surfer boyfriend. But when two girls that look just like her arrive on her doorstep claiming that they are triplets descended from a Greek myth with a destiny as hunters, Greer will have to reevaluate her priorities in life.

With a creative twist on Greek mythology, Childs has created a world where Medusa was misunderstood and cursed by a jealous Athena. Now, her teen descendents must join forces and become huntresses and fulfill a mysterious destiny. The three sisters could not be more different. Gretchen is jaded, standoffish and wholly embraces her huntress lifestyle. Grace is quiet, geeky and a bit of a pushover. And, at least on the surface, Greer is the typical spoiled, rich girl. Childs’ characters are incredibly vivid and complex.

First in a new series, Sweet Venom had me hooked from the start with great characters and plenty of fast-paced suspense, mystery and action. It’s highly entertaining and captivating. The Greek myth aspect of the story certainly adds a fun spin to this promising new series for young adults. With surprising revelations and a major cliffhanger, readers will be left wanting more. I, for one, can’t wait for the sequel.

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