Book Review: Rogue Angel: Footprints

Rogue Angel: Footprints

Rogue Angel: Footprints, by “Alex Archer”

Annja Creed is a part-time archeologist, part-time tv host of Chasing History’s Monsters, and full-time adventurer.

Annja is asked by an old friend to assist her on a search for Big Foot in the remote wilderness of the Northwest. Annja’s friend claims to know of evidence of the legendary Sasquatch. But as soon as she arrives, Annja and her friends’ students are harassed by gunmen, telling them to go home. But her friend is missing. And as trouble follows her everywhere, Annja soon finds herself surrounded by mystery, extreme danger, and deception.

While no history or archeology played a role in this installment, I found the story to be extremely fun. Not as action-packed as some, Footprints is still full of suspense, intrigue, and mythology. Annja makes some strange choices that are a bit out of character, but still remains a heroic figure, always trying to do the right thing. Fans of action and adventure novels should definitely be sure to check this one out. It’s helpful to have read the very first in the series, Destiny, just to have background on Annja and her special sword. But beyond that, the wonderful thing about the Rogue Angel series is that they don’t need to be read in any particular order. Each is a completely new adventure. I haven’t missed one yet, and can’t recommend them enough.

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  1. I started out really enjoying this series, but lately each book has seemed to just be a rehash of all the others. Based on your review though, I think I’ll give this one a shot.

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