Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: Shadow Ops: Control Point

Shadow Ops: Control Point by Myke Cole

When a teen girl with a forbidden magical power causes mayhem in public, Army Lieutenant Oscar Britton and the SOC (Supernatural Operations Corps) are called in to take her down. But Britton doesn’t agree with the harsh way the SOC handles the situation, seeing the girl as a victim. So when Britton suddenly manifests with prohibited gate magic, he fears that the SOC will kill him too. Britton feels his only choice at life is to run. But there’s no hiding from the SOC with own sorcerers.

Cole has created a unique fantasy world blended with military action. For some yet unknown reason, humans are suddenly developing magical powers all over the world. For the protection of the rest of the citizens, the SOC was formed to keep the peace. There are only a handful of prohibited magical abilities, but those who unwittingly develop them have two options: surrender to authorities or run. To surrender to the authorities may mean death. To run means a shot at freedom, but to be hunted like an animal.

Shadow Ops: Control Point is an action-packed thrill ride. With plenty of adventure, magic, drama, and intrigue – this debut is one to remember. Several surprises and dramatic plot twists build to a suspenseful, climactic ending. Military science fiction and fantasy fans alike should enjoy this genre mash-up that had me hooked from the start.

Shadow Ops: Control Point releases from Ace Books on January 31, 2012.

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