Book Review: Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes

Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes, by Michael Schuster and Steve Mollmann

Three years into his mission aboard the USS Enterprise, Dr. Leonard McCoy begrudgingly stays behind to deal with a shipment of medical supplies while two away teams investigate the planet Mu Arigulon. But McCoy is at a loss when shipmates begin falling into comas apparently without reason, at the same time the ship hits a special distortion on the way to meet up with the away teams. Meanwhile, the two shuttles led by Captain Kirk and Spock are investigating a seemingly abandoned planet, when one of their officers goes missing.

This original series story focuses mostly on Dr. McCoy and his struggle with a non-stop stream of injured crewmen, while he begins to hear voices and question his sanity. And on Mu Arigulon, Kirk, and the rest of the away teams come across a startling discovery and unique alien life. There isn’t much need for character development, since those of us reading already know the characters. But we do get an interesting look back at McCoy’s pre-Starfleet life, amidst his present efforts. The story feels like an original series episode, fast-paced and full of adventure. Star Trek fans will enjoy this engaging and imaginative new release.

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