Book Review: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow

st cast no shadow

Star Trek: Cast No Shadow, by James Swallow

The events in the film Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country happened seven years ago, where Kirk uncovered the conspiracy behind the assassination of High Chancellor Gorkon and the attempted assassination of the Federation President. Now, a secretive group has been launching attacks with widespread casualties, with revenge as their main objective. During the Gorkon conspiracy, a certain Vulcan was named a traitor and has been incarcerated ever since. But now she may be the Federations best hope at hunting the current terrorists. But Valeris’ motives and allegiance is still in question.

I was extremely excited to see this latest novel continued the story of one of my favorite films and one of my favorite villains. And thankfully Swallow wrote Valeris as the same dark and mysterious character as before, yet obviously a bit changed after years of reflection. Fans will also recognize the character Elias Vaughn from many other Star Trek novels, thought this time Elias is young and just beginning his bright and promising career.

Cast No Shadow is a fantastic original story continued from a beloved one, with plenty of political intrigue, suspense, mystery, and adventure. Well-paced and vivid characters, I was completely absorbed in this novel until the very end. With several twists and surprises culminating to a big finale, this fan was pleased and impressed with the entire journey.

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