Book Review: The Spirit Thief

The Spirit Thief

The Spirit Thief, by Rachel Aaron

Eli Monpress has a talent for charming everything that stands in his path. He always gets his way, which makes him a successful thief. With the help of his partners, a warrior with a magical sword and a demonseed with incredible powers of her own, the trio has kidnapped a king. But Eli doesn’t just want a ransom; he wants to increase the bounty on his head in hopes of being the most notorious thief in the world.

Eli is a fun character with the magical ability to talk to inanimate objects and convince them to do his will. This debut novel has a solid foundation for this complex fantasy world where every object has a soul and can be coerced to the whims of magicians.

Full of humor and suspense, this action-packed fantasy adventure is highly enjoyable. If anything, this fast-paced novel was too short, having read it in just a few short hours. Fantasy fans will love this extraordinary new series. The sequel, The Spirit Rebellion, is slated to release later this year.

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