Book Review: The Tomorrow Girls: Set Me Free

The Tomorrow Girls: Set Me Free by Eva Gray

Louisa, Evelyn, Rosie, and Maddie are back together again, after a narrow escape from the Phoenix school where Maddie was being held. And in fleeing the Alliance school, Maddie was told the shocking news that her mother is the Hornet, leader of the Resistance. Also, now in the girls possession is information from a spy within the Alliance, with it could be news Maddie’s mother desperately needs. Now the girls must not only break the code, but discover the Hornet’s hideout and hopefully help the Resistance in the war against the Alliance.

This fourth and final installment in the Tomorrow Girls series is told from Maddie’s point of view, the quietest of the group. Maddie’s parents have been gone a while, both soldiers in the war. So since they’ve been gone, Maddie has been a part of her best friend Louisa’s family. Louisa, Evelyn, Rosie, Maddie, along with Drew, Alonso, and Ryan have been on a long, adventure-filled journey back home. This near-future, dystopian setting focuses on the teens and their perilous journey, full of heart-ache, mystery and humor. Each book is fast-paced and a quick read. And this highly entertaining series with plenty of heart has built up to a satisfying conclusion.

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