Book Review: The Tomorrow Girls: With the Enemy

The Tomorrow Girls: With the Enemy by Eva Gray

Evelyn was always considered the paranoid one of the four former roommates from the remote boarding school. Until they discovered that the school was run by the evil Alliance. The four quickly fled the school, meeting up with three boys aiding their escape. On the run towards Chicago, Maddie was suddenly kidnapped. Evelyn and the remaining group must form a plan to find Maddie and rescue her. But the little info they have comes from a mysterious stranger, who may not be trustworthy.

This third installment in the Tomorrow Girls series is told from Evelyn’s point of view. We’re able to get a glimpse of her home life, her mentality, and an explanation for her behavior at school. The boys also become bigger characters in this story, with personalities finally developing.

With each installment getting more intense and suspenseful, With the Enemy is pure fun and excitement from beginning to end. The intensity of the situation is often ladled with humor at times, lightening the mood and the spirits of the teens. A bit of romance begins blossoming between more characters. And once again, readers are left with a major cliffhanger to be concluded in the forth and final novel Set Me Free. This short, science fiction series for young adults is highly addicting.

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