Book Review: Thieves of Darkness

Thieves of Darkness

Thieves of Darkness, by Richard Doetsch

Michael St. Pierre is a semi-retired thief, and now spends his time as a security consultant. But when Michael’s girlfriend and an old friend are arrested for theft, they are sentenced to execution the next morning. And Michael must once again utilize his skills at breaking and entering to break them out of an incredibly secure prison. But breaking out of prison, is just the first step in a global adventure and race to find a hidden treasure before deadly enemies find it first.

Even though the story revolves around two thieves with hearts of gold – Michael and his girlfriend, KC – all the major characters are given quick backgrounds, and as a result, depth and motivation. Strong characters paired with an exciting plot, made for a highly enjoyable read.

This is the third adventure for Michael St. Pierre, but it is not necessary to read the previous installments first. This was a fantastic stand-alone adventure. With non-stop action and suspense, this mystery is all but impossible to put down. There are slight elements of romance and the supernatural. But Michael and his friend’s skill sets and surprising twists are what I love most about this high-octane thriller. I certainly hope there is more to come in this series.

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