Book Review: Working Stiff

Working Stiff, by Rachel Caine

Bryn Davis takes a job at a mortuary, selling funeral packages and consoling bereaved family members. But Bryn’s first night on the job, she is caught watching her boss and the creepy embalmer doing a shady after-hours business deal. And Bryn is murdered. The funeral director had been taking advantage of wealthy family members, selling a black-market drug and giving false hope. Bryn is given the same drug and “revived” in order to use her to hunt down her boss’ supplier. Now, Bryn has to receive the drug every day or she will start to decompose. So Bryn must prove her worth before the pharmaceutical company decides she isn’t worth the cost of the life-restoring drug.

First in a new series, Working Stiff follows Bryn and her terrifying last day and subsequent resurrection. Bryn is likeable and sympathetic character, which makes her predicament that much more disturbing. Bryn becomes a zombie of sorts, but not mindless.

This chilling, science fiction adventure is dark and with many twists and harrowing events. Fast-paced and full of suspense, the story is completely engaging and impossible to put down. This unusual, macabre tale will attract both urban fantasy and zombie fans alike. The climactic tension leads to a big finish and leaves readers a mild cliffhanger. The spine-tingling premise alone will keep me reading future installments.

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