Box Office Bombs?

These are my predictions for this summer’s biggest box office bombs.


A 2-minute spoof of McGuyver is cute on SNL. And only funny for about the first minute. Donโ€™t waste millions on a movie. Oh Val Kilmer, what happened to your career that you would stoop to this?

The Expendables
โ€œA team of mercenaries head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.โ€

Sly is past his prime, though I actually liked Rocky for the story. Stallone, together with Jason Stratham and Jet Li actually sounds like a good idea. Until I read that Stallone is the director. And the plot sounds exactly like his last Rambo movie.
Action-packed disappointment.

7 thoughts on “Box Office Bombs?”

  1. Probably doesn’t help that I haven’t even heard of these movies on top of all that – and I usually keep up with upcoming releases.

  2. for what’s it’s worth MacGrubber just played at Showest and a few reviewers like it.

    Expendables, from what I’ve read, is just getting started with it’s advertising program. And I will admit I can’t wait to see that one with the teamup of all the action stars in it. Stallone is a on bit of a roll with his last set of films, he’s been working with lower budgets and writing & directing them. so don’t count him out…

    at least they’re not in 3D!

  3. MacGruber was only mildly funny as a sketch, I would be really surprised if the movie turns out to be any good.

    I liked MacGyver. I wonder if they will try and remake that.
    Are there any other MacGyver fans here?

    When Micheal Weston on Burn Notice narrates why and how he does things it reminds me of MacGyver.

  4. BrentMc – Could anyone really fill Richard Dean Anderson’s shoes though?
    I agree that Burn Notice comes pretty close. Though Michael Weston is all cool and polished, while MacGyver is laid back and a better sense of humor.

  5. Didn’t MacGyver turn out to have a son in one of the TV Movies? Maybe if the right actor played his son and RDA appeared as his father to toss the reins it might work. I agree it would be tough to fill his shoes. I love RDA from MacGyver and SG-1. Heck if Harrison Ford can still play Indiana Jones…

    I would love to see RDA play MacGyver again. We all get old. What do you think?

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