Bragging Time

Meet the newest addition to my household: Lois Lane! I’m calling her Laney for short.
I wasn’t a dog person, but she totally won me over.
I found her at my local humane society, and she had only been there a day. Laney is a Shar Pei/Beagle mix, incredibly sweet, and already trained!

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  1. The humane society had her on Science Diet, so I’ve been using that. But so far, she hasn’t eaten much. I think she’s been too nervous.
    I don’t know much about dogs, let alone dog food; so thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Science Diet uses far too much corn as a base ingredient, but go research it a bit.

    And get him a micro chip and have it scanned every couple of years to make sure it didn’t wander off. Our dog got fat and they couldn’t find the first one, had to get him a second. See which scanner your vet and local pound use to decide which chip to get.

  3. Oh, what a cute mix! I have a beagle/border collie mix (two actually) and beagles are fun dogs, but they do have some bad behaviors like digging, barking and running off with things they’re not supposed to have. But they’re great pets! And that shar pei/beagle mix is absolutely adorable. Congratulations!

  4. Robert – The microchip had to be put in automatically. But that’s a great idea to get it checked every couple years to make sure it can still be found!

    Angela – Thanks! I think she’s incredibly cute too.. and will always look like a puppy. I love that! Yeah, she does like to hide/bury her food bowl under her blanket in the crate. She was doing that at the humane society too. She’s beginning to get more playful, loving the stuffed animals more than balls or other toys. She doesn’t bark much, but then, she’s trained already, so I’m guessing that helps.

    Jean-Luc – Yeah, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she feels like she’s at home!

  5. Oh…what a cutie! Hi, Laney! Welcome to your new home!

    I’m a cat person, so any advice would be feline tainted.

    Just be patient. Rescues are always worth the effort. Don’t ever use a loud voice — that never works well.

    I’m sure you’ll be a good mom to Laney. And Laney will always be there for you too.



    And wow — you have built in book/dvd/cd cases in your home? Can you adopt me too? LOL!

  6. Karen W – Thanks! 🙂

    Morjana – Yeah, I used to be a strictly cat person too!
    LOL. Those shelves aren’t actually built-in. They’re just attached to the wall, and were only about 3 bucks a piece from Walmart! Of course, when I went back to see if they had more, they didn’t. :/

  7. Thanks guys!

    Weenie – Yeah, I had that stuffed Shar Pei, and brought it out when she got home. She went to town on that thing, playing with it. She won’t touch bones, but loves stuffed animals!

  8. How old is your dog in that picture? We are thinking of getting the same kind but I don’t want an barky, chewer. How is your dog behaving?

  9. I also have a Shar-pei Beagle mix but she looks a lot different than your Laney. She’s full grown and only weighs in at 22 pounds. Unlike Laney, my Lexi doesn’t have a tail and only has a small amount of extra skin around her neck. Laney is definitely a cutie though.. enjoy!

  10. i have a shar pei beagle mix. i have had him for 7 years and he looks like yours but with a white coat and brown spots

  11. my dog, a beagle shar-pei mix, looks exactly like that nat (my dog) is supposed to have a sister nat was born somewhere in the south but is now in connecticut w/ us im just thought sice laney looked like nat it could be her sis plz reply thnx

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