Casino Royale Trailer

In honor of the new Bond movie opening this weekend, I’m posting a trailer. I wasn’t crazy about their choice of leading men, but after watching the trailers I’m at least confident that I’ll like this better than the last 2 (extremely disappointing) Bond films. I now have high hopes.
Don’t disappoint me, Daniel Craig.

4 thoughts on “Casino Royale Trailer”

  1. I got my fingers crossed on this one. I’ve heard they may rework the Bond franchise completely, starting with the fact that an agent is not only licensed to kill, but given the 007 code name as well as that of James Bond.

  2. Kim – I’ll definitely be letting people know what I think after watching it this weekend!

    Mel – Well, I just hope they can give the film a fresh take. The latter Brosnan movies were definitely poor stories with cheesy interaction. And what you heard would explain why he’s a blonde James Bond.. and that he never ages..
    All I heard is that we’re going to see the start of Bond, how he came to MI5. I’ve tried to avoid any spoilers.

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