Casino Royale

I was extremely impressed with Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. He may not be the prettiest face. But he’s definitely the most believable as a spy since he’s by far the fittest of all the Bonds.

Casino Royale takes us back to when James Bond first becomes 007, even though set in present day. And this may be the closest to the original Ian Fleming novels that the movies have come. There is no wonder that according to Casino Royale is rated as one of the top casino-related movies! Bond is brash, gritty, and ruthless‚ everything that makes a good spy.

I am so glad for the reboot of the franchise as the last couple Bond films had gotten stale and corny. This latest installment was neither of those, thankfully. Casino Royal is a classic but the modern adaptation manges to keep everything great about the original and also make it modern and gritty. Although they kept the original setting and locations, I thought maybe they could have branched the film about a bit wider, especially since, according to
, the gambling industry in Japan is where the future of the industry may be. Even classic elements they did change didn’t have a negative impact on the film. I thought that I’d miss the Q character, but I found that I had completely forgotten about him. This Bond doesn’t need fancy gadgets. He uses his brains, as well as his brawn.

Not only did Craig look the part, but he acted it as well. He was hard and brutal when fighting, and relaxed and suave when dealing with the ladies. The supporting cast was great in their roles as well. Eva Green as Vesper Lynd played wonderfully opposite Craig. Their interaction was fun to watch. And the many villains were perfectly cast as well. The visuals in the casino scenes are fantastic. But be warned… you may get the sudden urge to visit bossku 918kiss online! Don’t worry, if you did feel that urge to play on gambling sites, you have tons to choose from. All you have to do is search up what sort of games you want and win big money, incredible isn’t it? It is 2021 after all!

The story seemed to take a backseat to the action, but it was cleverly written as well. There are plenty of surprises and deceit, as all Bond films have. But the action was definitely the highlight of the movie‚ non-stop, heart-pounding action with plenty of thrills.

For once, I’m glad to be proven wrong. Daniel Craig was a wise choice as 007.

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  1. I can’t wait to see this! Ever picture I see of Craig as Bond sparks my imagination. I haven’t been looking forward to a Bond film in a while, I’m glad this one has hit the mark.

  2. I think he’s cute. Rugged. Handsome. He looks like a bad boy… and we’ll I like vampires and things like that so I’ll go for the bad guy.

    I really want to see this movie. I’ll have to now, that you said it’s so much better than the rest of the Bond’s.

  3. I like Craig. He’s rugged. Handsome. Looks like a bad boy and I like vampires to there you go.

    I really want to see this movie. I’m glad that it’s gotten away from the other Bond films. I agree that they had gotten corny. Can’t wait to see this one!

  4. Yes, ladies.. just wait till you first see Craig in his tailored tuxedo. wow.

    Katie- My spam catcher somehow thought that one of your comments was spam so it sent it there. Sorry about that.

  5. Oh, boy, I want to see this one!

    Hey, I notice you’re reading something by Linnea Sinclair. I used to chat with her by email and met her at one of our writer’s conferences when I was still involved in writing groups. Is this a book-book? Back when I knew her, she was electronically published but she didn’t have any books you could hold in your hands, so I still haven’t read her work.

    And, congrats to your friend on his devotional release!

  6. Nancy – Yeah, the Sinclair novel is a paperback. I actually won it from another author’s website. (I love free books!) I looked it up on Amazon, and it was my first pick. Good mix of scifi and a little romance. I plan on getting more into it over this holiday weekend, as I have a long car ride to Atlanta!

  7. I’m normally not into the 007 movies but this one I do want to see. Did you ever see Layer Cake? That’s when I first saw Daniel Craig – he was awesome in that movie.

  8. Layer Cake is at Neflix, I know for sure. He was also in one of the Laura Croft movies. I’ve always thought he was a great choice for this millenium’s 007.

  9. I loved the fight scenes. In the opening chase when the bombmaker jumps through this little hole and Bond just smashes through the sheetrock wall was a sign of the change in attitude. This ain’t your daddy’s 007. I also liked how they wrote the shower scene with Vesper and Bond comforting her. It was difinately more in line with what a man would do for a friend, even if that man is an assassin.

  10. Carrie – Well, I don’t do Netflix as I don’t watch DVDs often enough to make it worth the cost.
    I’ll have to check Blockbuster after the holiday.
    I’m definitely a Daniel Craig fan now!

    Ron – I agree. That chase scene at the beginning was great. That’s when I knew I was going to love the movie.

  11. Great review. I think it is funny that we both thought of the word ‘brutal’ to describe this one. I had the completely opposite feeling, thinking that this one was story heavy and not as action heavy once the opening sequence was done. Both were great and were actually very balanced, I think. I look forward to more of Craig as Bond.

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