Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma – Book Review

Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma by Preeti Chhibber Synopsis: Peter Parker has been swinging and thwipping his way through New York City as Spider-Man for just a few months, and balancing his double life is complicated. He goes to school and tries not to embarrass himself in front of his crush, MJ; he takes photos for the … Read more

The Middling Affliction – Book Review

The Middling Affliction by Alex Shvartsman Synopsis: Conrad Brent protects the people of Brooklyn from monsters and magical threats. The snarky, wisecracking guardian also has a dangerous secret: he’s one in a million – literally. Magical ability comes to about one in every 30,000 and can manifest at any age. Conrad is rarer than this, … Read more

Rise of the Snake Goddess – Book Review

Rise of the Snake Goddess by Jenny Moke Synopsis: After being snubbed by her college’s archaeology department for an honor she rightfully earned, Sam is hell-bent on proving her worth to her misogynistic department head. So when an opportunity presents itself to solve the hidden meaning behind a symbol found inside a cave in Greece, … Read more

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