The Legend of Greyhallow – Book Review

The Legend of Greyhallow by Summer Rachel Short Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Ainsley Galloway and her ten-year-old brother, Tobin, have just moved to the small, picturesque mountain town of Lowry. The town is famously the setting for the blockbuster Legend of Greyhallow trilogy and there are traces of the films wherever they go. Ainsley’s parents even bought … Read more

Past Tense – Graphic Novel Review

Past Tense by Jason McNamara (Author), Alberto Massaggia (Illustrator) Synopsis: Ashley is a tour guide at PAST TENSE, a company that sends camera drones into the past to view history’s most depraved events. When Ashley discovers Silas Green, an unknown serial killer working in the past, she begins hosting “exclusive” tours of his murders. The … Read more