The Middling Affliction – Book Review

The Middling Affliction by Alex Shvartsman Synopsis: Conrad Brent protects the people of Brooklyn from monsters and magical threats. The snarky, wisecracking guardian also has a dangerous secret: he’s one in a million – literally. Magical ability comes to about one in every 30,000 and can manifest at any age. Conrad is rarer than this, … Read more

Rise of the Snake Goddess – Book Review

Rise of the Snake Goddess by Jenny Moke Synopsis: After being snubbed by her college’s archaeology department for an honor she rightfully earned, Sam is hell-bent on proving her worth to her misogynistic department head. So when an opportunity presents itself to solve the hidden meaning behind a symbol found inside a cave in Greece, … Read more

Drunk on All Your Strange New Words – Book Review

Drunk on All Your Strange New Words by Eddie Robson Synopsis: Lydia works as translator for the Logi cultural attaché to Earth. They work well together, even if the act of translating his thoughts into English makes her somewhat wobbly on her feet. She’s not the agency’s best translator, but what else is she going … Read more

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