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Box Review: Marvel Comics Mystery Box from Groupon

Marvel Groupon

For quite a while, Groupon has offered a Marvel Comics Mystery Box with a guaranteed shirt, tumbler, and 25 comics for $39. I waited until it decreased or found a coupon, and snagged it for $10 off. Since there were no reviews on the site, I didn’t want to pay full price. I have since posted a review, though it’s still pending as of the time I write this.

Marvel Groupon

The Shirt: Spider-Gwen – (Retail $10?) Sorry, this is a terrible photo. The color is actually a really nice midnight blue, not black. I’ll actually wear this. I especially appreciated that it was a female superhero. There weren’t women’s sizes, only men’s, just FYI.

Marvel Groupon

The Glass Tumbler: Thor – (Retail $10) – I love Thor, so I’m definitely keeping this too.

Marvel Groupon

The Comics: Wow, this was a great selection! There is a great variety here from various years. There are even a few I’ve never heard of, which is nice. I can’t wait to dig into these.

Summary: At $20 for the shirt and glass, and $10 for the comics – this was a great deal. I wouldn’t spend more than $30, just because you don’t know what comics you’ll get. If I can find another decent coupon, or if the price drops, I’d definitely purchase this again!

Box Review: Loot Crate – October 2015


“Loot Crateâ„¢ delivers the best in geek + gaming gear. From collectibles, apparel, tech gadgets, art, and other epic gear, it’s like Comic-Con in a box!”

LootCrate is $13.95 plus $6 shipping and handling for month-to-month subscription. Less for multiple month purchases. They also now offer “Level Up,” 3 apparel upgrades at different pricing levels that you can add to your monthly subscription.

Loot Crate - October 2015

This month’s theme was Out of Time!

Loot Crate - October 2015

EXCLUSIVE Dr Emmett Brown Funko POP! (selling for $28.00+ on Amazon) – I didn’t have a Doc Brown POP yet, tho I do have the Marty in a Delorian. So, I was super excited to see this guy. The standard, non-Loot Crate version with a remote control is $17.95 on Amazon. This version has his goggles on and holding jumper cables.

Loot Crate - October 2015

Hover Board Replica (Retail $25+ on Amazon) – This is really cute, tho I’m not sure where to display it. But I won’t say “no” to any Back to the Future item.

Loot Crate - October 2015

Dr Who Sonic Spork (Retail $14.98 on Amazon) – I don’t care for Dr Who, so this will be the one thing I won’t be keeping.

And each LootCrate comes with an exclusive pin. This one is the Flux Capacitor!

Loot Crate - October 2015

Be Excellent To Each Other Tshirt (Retail $10?) – I LOVE this shirt! Unfortunately, their “Womens” sizes are actually Juniors. Fair warning – get a size or 2 larger. Thankfully, it’s a thinner shirt that I can probably stretch out.

Loot Crate - October 2015

Another great thing about Loot Crate – you even want to keep the box!

Summary: This month more than made up for the miss with August’s box. I’m keeping everything but one item, which is great. If next month is just as good, I may have to keep up my subscription.

What do you think of this month’s Loot Crate?

New Mystery Box (and Coupon!): Supply Pod from Outer Places

supply pod

Here’s a new mystery box for you science and science fiction lovers! The first box will ship at the end of the month, so I don’t have a review for you yet. But if you want to get in on the ground floor, I have a coupon code for 10% off! Use code: Chick10
You may want to hurry though, as the first box closes on October 29th.

Press Release info: Outer Places, the digital media company that explores the intersection of science and science fiction, is launching its Supply Pod mystery box program. Supply Pod uniquely delivers products themed around upcoming sci-fi releases and scientific events.

The first box is based on the real-life science behind Andy Weir’s debut novel, The Martian, which inspired the movie starring Matt Damon about an astronaut stranded on Mars.

“We can’t say exactly what will be in the box because the mystery is part of the fun! But it might include survival gear, astronaut essentials, engaging collectibles and much more.”

There are two options available for purchase, and more details are available at

The Essential Pod ($29.99 plus shipping, handling and tax) contains science and sci-fi items that would be great to have if stranded on Mars.

The Deluxe Pod ($39.99 plus shipping, handling and tax) contains all the items in the Essential Pod plus a paperback version of The Martian by Andy Weir, currently No. 1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

In addition, 50 Deluxe Pod customers could receive an autographed copy of The Martian.

Box Review: Geek Fuel – October 2015

GeekFuel July 2015

Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box “filled with t-shirts, toys, digital games, limited edition collectibles, and all things epic.” The box can be purchased on a monthly renewal at $23.90 per month, or discounts for purchasing several months or more upfront.

Geek Fuel - October 2015

The box comes with a great mini magazine that’s always fun to flip through.

Geek Fuel - October 2015

Here’s a look at the contents of this month’s box.

Geek Fuel - October 2015

Exclusive Video Games Live T-shirt (Retail $10?) – As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of games – so this (while a cute design) is a bust for me.

Geek Fuel - October 2015

It’s a Nap! Pillowcase (Retail $15 on Etsy) – This is a really fun item for any Star Wars fan. It’d make a great gift too.

Geek Fuel - October 2015

Guardianade Energy Drink (Retail $?) – As I don’t know games, the theme is lost on me. But it’s a fun design, and something I’ll probably use some weekend – maybe while watching a marathon of movies. See the image below for the clever disclaimer on the can.

Over 9,000 Zombies Downloadable Game (Retail $10) – A waste for me, but I’ll ask around to see if any of my friends like arcade games.

Delorean Time Travel Sticker (Retail $1-2?) – Everyone is jumping on the Back to the Future anniversary – and I couldn’t be happier. I’m definitely going to find a place for this. The box also came with a movie replica Save the Clock Tower flyer that has a phone number on the back to see if you’re one of 88 winners. I wasn’t. But it was certainly a fun idea. And it also comes with a Save the Clock Tower Button – just to get you in the mood.

Geek Fuel - October 2015

Guardianade Disclaimer

Geek Fuel - October 2015

Yondu Funko POP (Retail $7.50) – Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite Marvel movie, and I don’t have this one yet! This was my favorite item by far. Too bad it couldn’t be an exclusive, but I’m happy anyway.

Summary: Guardians POP, Back to the Future, and Star Wars items all in one box – this makes up for the lack of keep-able items in the last two boxes. I may take a break for a while from this box, but this made my day.

What do you think of this month’s Geek Fuel box?

Box Review: Powered Geek Box – September 2015

Powered Geek Box

Powered Geek Box (formerly Power Up Box) is a geek subscription box featuring epic gifts for nerds, geeks and gamers. Our subscription box service delivers great gear and novelty items from big names like DC Comics, Marvel, Nintendo, Star Wars and Capcom right to your doorstep every month. Treat yourself to our geek subscribe box service or send it as a gift.

Powered Geek Box has two subscription box options: Deluxe (4-6 items) for $19.95 plus s/h per month or Premium (6-9 items) for $29.95 plus s/h per month. Plans are cheaper if you buy more than one month at a time.

This box was sent to for review.

Powered Geek Box

September’s box that was sent to me for review purposes was the Deluxe box.

Powered Geek Box

Call of Duty T-shirt (Retail $10?) – I’m not a gamer, so this shirt is a miss for me, but I do like the design.

Powered Geek Box

Super Mario Bros. Wallet (Retail $18.38 on Amazon) – This is a cute bifold wallet that my nephew will love.

Superman Crew Socks (Retail $8.65 on Amazon) – These are large, crew socks and seemingly well-made. These don’t seem to fit the gaming/pixel theme, but are probably my favorite thing in the box this month.

Powered Geek Box

MugBoy GameBoy Coaster (Retail $?) – I couldn’t find this listed on Amazon. But it’s a large, rubber coaster. At first, I thought it was a large magnet by the weight and feel. It’s a clever, cute design, looking like a retro GameBoy. However, I’d recommend only wide cups or mugs used on this, as there is a bit of texture to it.

Twisted Lip Pops (Retail $5?) – This is filler, but my niece is a candy fiend and will love it.

Nintendo Keychain (Retail $8.53) – Again, fans of classic gaming will may enjoy this large, rubber Nintendo key chain, made to look like an old controller. See, even though I never played as a teen, I recognize this stuff!

Summary: While the theme was a bust for me, as I’m not (nor ever have been) into gaming, the value is definitely here for the right audience. I look forward to seeing what this new branding may bring. I’m hoping for a more definitive theme, and one that’s announced on the updated website each month.

What do you think of this month’s box?

Love Funko POPs?:
Order now as a gift here:

Box Review: Comic Bento – September 2015


Comic Bento is a subscription Graphic Novel Box – A surprise selection of fantastic Graphic Novels with at least $60 worth of comics in every box and mailed right to your door!

Pricing starts at $20/month plus shipping.

Comic Bento

The box comes with a nice card that gives details on each of the selections.
This month’s theme was FIGHT THE FIGHT and included the following titles:

Comic Bento

Superman Batman: Vengeance (Retail $12.99) – I already had the first and second volume of this series, so this was a win for me! I loved this series when it started. I just got distracted and forgot about it after a while. I’m happy to get back into it though.

Comic Bento

Daredevil Season One (Retail $24.99) – I just started collecting these Season One editions, so I was happy to see this. It’s also a hardback, which adds more value to the box. I don’t think I have any standalone Daredevil books.

Comic Bento

X-O Manowar Enter: Ninjak (Retail $14.99) – Here’s a series that’s new-to-me. It has good reviews on Amazon, so I’m excited to try it.

Comic Bento

Executive Assistant Iris Volume 1 (Retail $18.99) – This is another new one for me, not being mainstream DC or Marvel. But a strong, female lead – I’m willing to give it a go.

Comic Bento

Highlander Volume 1: The Coldest War (Retail $19.99) – This was a bonus item that I would otherwise love, but I already own volumes 1 and 2. But hey, it was a bonus item.

Summary: This is probably my favorite subscription box. I could only love it more if it was weekly instead of monthly. I love that it introduces me to new series and offers older books. I already buy newer graphic novels, so there’d be more likely of an overlap that way. And the value in the box always greatly exceeds the price. So, I highly recommend this sub to comic lovers and new comic readers.

Box Review: My Geeky Goodies – Mystery Mega Mashup 4.0


My Geeky Goodies is a monthly surprise package delivered straight to your door filled with geeky and nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables! Every pack of goodies will come with either a custom t-shirt (in your size) or a POP Vinyl Figure, and 4-6 other super cool items for you to get excited about!”

My Geeky Goodies is currently on a monthly sub hiatus. However, they are still doing Monthly Mashups with hints give out each day they are selling. You have to buy fast, though as these do sell out. These are one-time boxes, not a subscription.


Sackboy Funko POP! (Retail $8.95 on Amazon) – I love and collect Funko toys, but I’m not a gamer – so I’ve never heard of Sockboy or Little Big Planet. So, this was a disappointment for me.


Robin Funko Mopeez Plush (Retail $9.88) – This is my first Mopeez, and it’s Robin – so yay!

Infinity Gauntlet Keychain (Retail $7.36 – originally $9.99) – Move over Thanos, I have the power now. This (pewter) keychain is HEAVY, so I wont be using it on my regular batch of keys. But if there’s a key I don’t use daily, that I don’t want to lose – this is the keychain to use! Or it’ll probably just go on my shelf of fun Marvel props.


Here comes the filler:
Lucky Charms Lip Balm (Retail $4.62) – This will go in a child’s Christmas stocking.
The Ugglys Pet Shop Toy Figure 2-Pack (Retail $4.15) – This will probably go in a White Elephant gift exchange.
Hook Trading Cards (Retail$2.99) – These are so dated, I don’t know of anyone who’d want these.


Transformers KRE-O Prowl Police Car Set (Retail $8.99) – KRE-O sets are usually cheaper than LEGO, but just as fun to assemble. If I don’t keep this, it’ll be loved by my Transformers-loving nephew.

Summary: While a great value, there wasn’t enough here for me to try it again until the subscriptions come back – if there’s an interesting theme.

What do you thinks of My Geeky Goodies?

Box Review: Hero Crate – August 2015

Hero Crate

“Each month, HeroCrate ships a themed mystery box centered on a new hero and stuffs it with a guaranteed epic t-shirt + 4-6 additional items!”

The Hero Crate monthly subscription is $29.99/month. Cheaper, if you buy more than one month at a time.

I received this August Anniversary box from Hero Crate for review.

Hero Crate

The theme for August was Batman!
Included, was a HeroCrate comic that went along with the theme (in the upper right hand corner of the pic above.

Hero Crate

Batman Tshirt (Retail $10?) – These are juniors sizes for women, and run very small. So order a size or 2 larger.

Hero Crate

Funko Dorbz Batman (Retail $7.91) – These Dorbz are super-cute, and I don’t have Batman yet. So, yay!

Funko POP! Batman Keychain (Retail $6.17) – Another Funko item – always a fun item to get.

Batman Mirrored Sunglasses (Retail $12.99) – My nephew will love these. Nice stocking stuffer for Christmas!

Summary: The value seems just above the monthly price. And this box only came with 3 items instead of “4-6” as described. But they’re probably higher value than the smaller items that are often included. I love that this box focuses just on heroes. I will probably check out future boxes.

What do you think of Hero Crate?