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Vote For Your Favorite Comic

Love comics? Let your voice be heard at
Each month DC Comics chooses 10 competitors and puts their work online for the public to judge and vote on. The winner receives a contract from DC to produce their comic for a year.

Author John Zakour is in the running this month for his comic, Demons in the Closet. Check it out (and the other competitors), register (Hotmail email addresses seem to work the best), and vote for your favorite!

GAAK Online Comic


Love comics and science fiction? Then, check out GAAK. It’s a free online web comic by Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton. GAAK is usually updated M, W, F.

With plenty of humor and pop culture references, follow a group of young friends as they have to deal with bullies, annoying siblings, and aliens from outer space. You know, the usual stuff kids deal with nowadays.

With a Spielberg-like feel, (Goonies meets Invaders from Mars) the kids try to save their town from the crazy alien Gakk and his “Acme Instant Alien Kreatures” who have come to take over the world and meet the cast of the classic Star Trek. GAAK is a lot of fun and has fast become a favorite. It has humor, adventure, and aliens… and did i mention that it’s free?
Check it out!

And if you’d rather read a hardcopy, GAAK Volume 1 is also available now from Amazon. (Not free)

Scroll down for a preview of the fun story and great artwork:
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