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Blu-Ray Review: Being Human Season 2

Being Human Season 2

Being Human Season 2

Returning for a second season, vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner), werewolf George (Russell Tovey), and ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) face all new challenges in their hopes of leading normal human lives. Mitchell is dealing with the fallout of the vampire community left without its leader. And meanwhile, he begins a relationship with a new doctor with dark secrets of her own. George also finds a new girlfriend, but her daughter is wary of him. And Annie deals with constant changes and challenges to being non-corporeal.

This season ramps up the suspense and violence to a whole new level. The trio are faced with a new enemy this season: CenSSA, a religious organization headed by a man with a deeply-rooted vendetta. Mitchell takes a dark turn to his former blood-thirsty and violent self that I didn’t care for. It also didn’t make much sense when he drastically shifts mind-sets and moods without much provocation. Most of his decisions and actions this season seem severely out of character, even before he is betrayed. He never seemed to care much for the vampire community until they are left without a leader. Now, he cares more for them than humans. Despite this, the plot and pacing throughout the season is non-stop suspense, thrills and chills. While the viewer knows what’s going on most of the time, it’s fun to watch the mysteries unfold through the eyes of Mitchell, George, and Annie. And seen in blu-ray is all the more thrilling and captivating. Fans of the fantasy and horror genres should not miss this incredible series.

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DVD Review: Alien Autopsy

Alien Autopsy

Alien Autopsy

Based on true events, the story follows Ray (Declan Donnelly) and Gary (Ant McPartlin) who are responsible for footage from a supposed alien autopsy from 1947 shown around the world. Ray claims to have seen and purchased the original footage from the 1947 Roswell alien autopsy. But the film has been so corrupted that Ray convinces his friends to help him “recreate” the footage to satisfy his loan shark. But things get out of hand when the Ray gets a taste of fame and fortune.

The outrageous farce incorporates plenty of humor and wit. Unfortunately, as an American, it’s very hard to understand a great deal of what the main actors, Donnelly and McPartlin, are saying because of their accent and unfamiliar vernacular. Yet the plot and pacing hold up and are easy to follow. Bill Pullman plays the director of the documentary, with too few scenes. Science fiction enthusiasts who remember the original Fact or Fiction with Jonathan Frakes will get a kick out of this retelling as a fictitious documentary. And even those unfamiliar with the story, should find the humor and outrageous events highly entertaining.

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DVD Review: Fringe the Complete Second Season

Fringe the Complete Second Season

Fringe the Complete Second Season

Agent Olivia Dunham, Dr. Walter Bishop, and Peter Bishop return for another season of thrilling scifi adventure at its best. As usual, each episode begins in a gross-out and mysterious death(s) that Walter must investigate by dissection, while Olivia and Peter do the leg work. The second season delves more into the alternate universe where Peter was taken. And Peter eventually discovers the truth, leading to dangerous repercussions when the team ventures to the other reality.

Even more exciting and fantastic than the first season, answers to big questions are finally revealed and the suspense continually builds throughout each heart-pounding episode. This is one of the most well-developed, creative and thought-provoking shows on television. The acting is first rate. And while the show is easy to compare to the X-Files, it has created a niche all its own. The mystery and suspense are enough to appeal to mainstream fans, with plenty of scifi for the genre fan as well.

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Blu-Ray Review: Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet Blu-ray

Forbidden Planet Blu-Ray Edition

This 1956 science fiction film is a known classic. Despite the warnings of Dr. Morbius, a spacecruiser insists on landing on Altair-4 to investigate the planet and what happened to the rest of Dr. Morbius’ original colleagues. Dr. Morbius now lives alone on the planet save for his daughter and his robot named Robby. But there is a malevolent presence on the planet, both mysterious and invisible.

The film stars Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Morbius, Anne Francis as his daughter, and Leslie Nielsen as the daring spacecruiser Commander. It boasts the first ever all-electronic score, that certainly adds to the eerie ambiance and adds suspense. Unfortunately, the balance was a bit off – the electronic noises got very tedious and had to be turned down, while the dialog had to be turned up. It was a lot of fun to spot what possible inspiration spawned other favorite scifi technology, such as the Star Trek transporter beams. This classic is a must-see for science fiction fans, as it helped pave the way for future scifi.

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Blu-Ray Review: Lost In Space

Lost In Space Blu-ray

Lost In Space Blu-Ray Edition

Danger, Will Robinson!

This 1998 remake of the 1960’s TV show follows the Robinson family into deep space. Earth has exhausted its resources and looks for another planet to colonize. The Robinsons are the first to venture off to a new world in hopes of beginning colonization. But when the ship is sabotaged, the pilot is forced to take a detour and effectively getting… lost in space.

The talented cast includes: William Hurt (Professor John Robinson), Gary Oldman (Dr. Zachary Smith), Matt LeBlanc (Major Don West), Mimi Rogers (Dr. Maureen Robinson), Heather Graham (Dr. Judy Robinson), Lacey Chabert (Penny Robinson), Jack Johnson (Will Robinson), and Dick Tufeld (as the voice of the Robot). Is it strange that my favorite character is the Robot? The acting is fantastic; and the special effects are spectacular, even compared to today’s CGI. My one complaint is an annoyingly cute and equally creepy monkey-like creature that the Robinsons adopt.

There is a lot packed into this action-packed, deep space adventure – terrorists, killer robots, cannibalistic spiders, mutations, and time travel. But at the heart of the story, it’s about the Robinson family and their relationships. It’s an entertaining, fairly light-hearted space romp that was more fun than I originally remembered. This is one I’ll gladly add to my Blu-ray collection.

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DVD Review: Smallville the Complete Ninth Season

Smallville the Complete Ninth Season

Smallville the Complete Ninth Season

Krypton’s last survivors have decided to make Earth their new home. But Zod is obsessed with his people receiving the same powers that Clark possesses. So Zod has decided to transform Earth, without a care about what happens to all of humanity. Meanwhile, back at the Daily Planet, Lois and Clark’s relationship develops. And many DC Comic heroes (the Wonder Twins, Zatanna, and the JSA) make guest appearances.

As in each season of this long-running series, Clark goes through a lot of changes – most notably with his relationship with Lois. Clark, the man-who-will-become-Superman, juggles his relationship with Lois, dealing with the recent Kryptonian residents, his day job (which we rarely see him doing) and crime fighting as “The Blur.” Zod and Tess are up to more scheming and no good. Chloe and Oliver round out the rest of season’s regular cast, whose relationship gears up this season as well.

This set contains all 21 episodes from this action-packed season. It’s a solid show with fantastic actors. Now that Clark and Lois have paired up, it’s high time that Clark trade in the drab black outfit and start donning his primary colors. So few science fiction shows last this long, but it’s not hard to see why. Tom Welling is a stellar Clark Kent. And each season continues to improve on the last. While some former costars are missed, this has been one of my favorite mixes of characters. The Smallville cast has incredible chemistry – and dissonance – in all the right places.

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DVD Review: Sanctuary: The Complete 2nd Season

Sanctuary: The Complete 2nd Season

Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season

The Sanctuary is a haven for all kinds of paranormal creatures, from the monstrous to the shunned. Dr. Helen Magnus has made the protection and study of abnormals her first priority. Following the cliffhanger ending from season one, Magnus’ daughter Ashley has been kidnapped by the deadly Cabal. And Magnus and her team discover the Cabal’s plans and their plans for Ashley.

Joining Magnus’ team this season is Kate Freelander, a con artist with a good heart. Adam Darshi plays the initial rogue-turned-hero throughout the season. Her character changes quite a bit, as early on, I found her annoying and out of place. And the rest of the team is back, of course: Amanda Tapping as Dr. Magnus, Robin Dunne as Dr. Zimmerman, Ryan Robbins as Henry Foss, and Christopher Heyerdahl as John Druitt. These characters are some of my favorites on television.

Season two is just as exciting and suspenseful as the first. Each episode is strong and continues to impress. The ensemble cast works well together, with excellent acting. And the special effects continue to inspire, and are easily the greatest of any other television show on the air today. I can’t say enough about how much I love this show. Season three is coming to the Syfy Channel this fall. So don’t miss the first two seasons of this excellent show, now on DVD and Blu-ray.

Special Features Include:
– Episode Audio Commentaries
– Five featurettes
– Anatomy of an Episode
– From Script-to-Screen look at “Next Tuesday” episode
– Behind the scenes
– Video diaries
– Bloopers and outtakes
– Production stills photo gallery

Blu-Ray Review: Being Human Season 1

Being Human Season 1 is available today on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Hospital porters George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) are trying to live normal human lives in their small community, despite the fact that George is a werewolf and Mitchell is a vampire. When the two move in to a new house, they discover Annie (Lenora Crichlow), the ghost of a woman who died there. Now, the three (seemingly) young people must deal with the repercussions of their paranormal curses, try to blend in with society while hiding who they are, and face others in their community of vampires and werewolves – those that don’t necessarily share their respect for humans.

Mitchell, the vampire, looks to be in his 20s though is actually over one hundred years old. He has a long and tortured past, and has sometimes made decisions that he now regrets. He goes through some tough changes and decisions as the first season progresses. And he becomes more likable as well.

George, the werewolf, is an extremely awkward and nervous character. He is very smart, but socially inept. It’s ironic that he’s the most likely to live a normal human life, but hates his condition and finds it the hardest to accept.

Annie, the ghost, is still discovering her abilities and limitations. George and Mitchell can see her without problem. But to others who come to the house, she is more of a haunting presence, able to move objects within the house. A dark mystery surrounds her death that is revealed later in the season.

This original BBC show is dark, humorous, suspenseful, and completely engaging. My one complaint is that the special effects in regards to the werewolf are not as great as most recent television and film standards. But the acting and storylines are spot on. This was one of my favorite new shows of last year. And I’m excited to see it continue on BBC America.

• Deleted scenes
• Behind the scenes featurettes
• Video diaries
• Character profiles
• Interview with creator Toby Whithouse

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