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Blu-Ray Review: Supernatural: The Complete First Season

Supernatural: The Complete First Season

Supernatural: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray
Own it on DVD and Blu-Ray: June 15th
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Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester are brothers who are on a journey to find their missing father, who was hunting the evil that killed their mother. Along the way, the brothers find themselves hunting the very things that their father faced including popular urban legends, vampires, ghosts, and other paranormal monsters.

A decidedly dark and grisly series, Supernatural appeals to a wide range of horror and thriller fans. Scary and violent, this series isn’t for the faint of heart. Padalecki and Ackles are fantastic actors that are put in a shocking and bizarre situation each week, sometimes getting to play beyond their own characters. Each episode is a nightmare/freak-of-the-week, full of heart-pounding suspense and chills. And the stunning visual effects are impressive for a television series. Now each of the 22 episodes is available in HD, making the picture ultra-clear and ultra-scary.

Special Features Include:
The Devil’s Road Map: Interactive Map Guide to Season One’s Urban Legends and Unusual Facts
– Paley Festival Panel Discussion Featuring the Cast and Creators
– Unaired/Extended Scenes
– Commentary on the Pilot by Series Creator Eric Kripke, Director David Nutter and Producer Peter Johnson
– Commentary on Phantom Traveler by Co-Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
– Two additional featurettes: Day in the Life of Jared and Jensen and Supernatural: Tales from the Edge of Darkness
– Gag Reel

DVD Review: The Guild: Season Three

The Guild: Season Three

The Guild: Season Three

Codex and the rest of her Guild excitedly await the latest release of their game’s expansion pack, when a group of bullies arrive. The Axis of Anarchy is a rival guild, who decides to make it their goal to torture Codex’s Guild members online and off. Then, Tink abandons them, Vork decides to quit as Guild leader, and Codex steps up and tries to pull her team back together.

Felicia Day returns as Codex, in season 3 of her satirical webseries about a group of online gamers who meet in the real world. All of her fun cast mates/guild mates are back as well, this time joined by the evil guild members from the Axis of Anarchy. Leader Fawkes is played by Wil Wheaton, who is ideal for the role.

As the guild members’ relationships grow and change, Codex makes it her mission to try to keep her guild from falling apart. Once again, hilarity ensues with eccentric characters, outrageous situations, and plenty of geeky awkwardness. The season is 12 episodes, each 3-8 minutes long, so there’s no excuse not to check it out. It’s easily one of the best (and funniest) webseries I’ve ever seen.

Special Features Include:
– “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” Music Video
– The Making of “Do You Want to Date My Avatar”
– Halloween Video
– Guild Applicant Rejects
– How to Build Vork’s Sword
– Audio Commentary with the Cast and Crew
– Interviews with the Axis of Anarchy
– Tips on Making a Web Series
– Gag Reels
– Script PDF File

Blu-Ray Review: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Blu-Ray

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Blu-Ray Edition

Billy, (aka Dr. Horrible) has two main goals in life (besides taking over the world): to join the Evil League of Evil and to win over his lady love, Penny. But his archenemy (the superhero Captain Hammer) always seems to thwart his every move. Billy has a plan that could get him into the Evil League of Evil and win Penny’s heart, but only if the irritating Captain Hammer could stay away.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was created as an online miniseries musical by fan-favorite Joss Whedon. Neil Patrick Harris plays Billy/Dr. Horrible to pure perfection. He’s sadly sweet, funny, and completely loveable. Felicia Day is Penny, the shy and demure focus of both Billy and Captain Hammer’s attentions. And Captain Hammer is played by Nathan Fillion, who much like his Castle character is pompous and narcissistic and hysterical.

Besides the satirical premise, the other highlights are when Billy bursts into song. These unconventional characters and songs make for a hilarious and extremely entertaining musical. It’s fresh, witty, and absolutely charming. And now this cult hit is available on Blu-ray, which I’ll be watching again and again.

Special features include:
– Cast and creator commentaries
– “Commentary! The Musical!” with all new music and laughs
– Behind-the-scenes featurettes
– Top 10 fan applicants for submission to the Evil League of Evil
– Easter eggs including: bloopers, rehearsals, and ELE interviews

Blu-Ray Review: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Aptly described as “a celebration of romance,” Valentine’s Day follows the lives of an array of characters throughout one romantic holiday. The star-studded film includes about 19 different actors and actresses. As we follow each character, it is soon apparent that all have some connection to another, and all are touched (in positive or negative ways) by their relationships.

A virtual who-who of romantic comedy, the cast is the highlight of the film, each with their own scene-stealing performance. As almost all romantic comedies are, the plot lines are blatantly predictable. Yet that’s why we watch them – for the happy endings. From young, puppy love to tender, long-lasting love; Valentine’s Day covers it all. There are also plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in this light-hearted feel-good flick. I have to admit that before watching it, I thought that there were going to be too many characters and storylines going on. I didn’t think it was possible to tie them all together. I am happy to be proven wrong. Director Garry Marshall is king of romantic comedy. And his latest is just as fun and full of magic as some of his previous hit films.

Since this is a romantic comedy, I don’t think the Blu-ray edition added much to the film viewing experience. But the Blu-ray combo back does come with loads of extra bonus features.

The Blu-ray Disc Combo Pack includes:
• Exclusive Sex and the City 2 sneak peek trailer
• 14 Deleted Scenes with Intro from Garry Marshall
• “The Stars Confess Their Valentine’s Day Stories”
• Gag Reel
• Jewel “Stay Here Forever” Music Video
• The Garry Factor
• Audio Commentary
• Standard definition version of the movie and a digital copy

Valentine’s Day is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand and for Download:

DVD Review: Yesterday Was a Lie

Yesterday Was a Lie

Yesterday Was a Lie

Private Detective Hoyle hot on the trail of an elusive man and a missing notebook. Holye’s only help along the way are her partner and a mysterious lounge singer. But Hoyle’s progress is hindered as reality and time seems to be shifting around her.

In a unique blend of noir and science fiction, Yesterday Was a Lie is in a category all its own. Shot completely in black and white, the stunning visuals and accompanying jazz music adds to the noir feel – and in my opinion, takes the film to a whole new level. Actresses Kipleigh Brown (Hoyle) and Chase Masterson (Lounge Singer) are wonderful choices for their roles, and skillfully pull the audience into the story.

Ambiance aside, this is like no other noir or science fiction film ever made. At its heart, this is a story of love and heartbreak. But this is not some frivolous, light-hearted flick. Viewers have to pay attention and be able to handle a lot of metaphysical and scientific jargon throughout. Scenes often jump around in time, yet we follow Hoyle as she uncovers the ultimate and surprising mystery. It’s smart, gutsy, and glamorous – and completely unexpected. This thoroughly enjoyable film should be a treat for science fiction fans.

DVD Details:
Yesterday Was a Lie is rated PG, 89 minutes long, and contains loads of featurettes and behind-the-scenes clips.

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans (1981)

Clash of the Titans (1981)

The original Clash of the Titans is now available on iTunes here:
And for a limited time, customers who purchase the original version on iTunes will also be able to view a special behind-the-scenes look at the new film.

When Zeus transforms the cruel and violent Calibos into an ugly mutant, Calibos’ mother Thetis is furious. Thetis decides that if her son cannot marry the beautiful princess Andromeda of Joppa, than no one can. And jealous of Zeus’ love for his son Perseus, Thetis abandons Perseus in Joppa. But Perseus discovers Joppa’s curse and risks everything to rescue Andromeda and free Joppa.

Clash of the Titans is a complex story of Greek mythology and magical creatures. As with ancient Greek mythology, the gods are cruel and fallible. And the hero Perseus is a virtuous and noble character. The story lags at times, while the characters deliver long monologues. But this seems necessary to deliver the intricate plot and explain the backstory.

The special effects are done via stop motion animation, so it is quite a bit dated and comical at times. But I did enjoy the picture quality, even from my iPhone. And the download was fairly quick and very easy from iTunes.

This epic tale of drama, heroism, evil, and love was a treat. It’s not surprising that they decided to remake it, updating the special effects. By the previews, it certainly looks like they’re doing the story justice. After a fun look at the original, I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming release of the new Clash of the Titans even more than I was before.


Blu-Ray Review: The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story Blu-ray Edition

The NeverEnding Story Blu-ray Edition

Still grieving over the loss of his mother, Bastien is often distracted in school and his grades have been suffering. One morning on the way to school, Bastien is tormented by bullies, and he runs to hide in a small, used bookstore. Inside he meets the grumpy owner, who is reading a book with a strange symbol on the cover and insists that his book is not “safe.” Bastien steals the book when the owner is distracted, promising to return it. He is already late for school when he arrives, so he takes the book up to the attic to read. But soon, Bastien begins to realize that this is no ordinary book. In fact, he is a part of the NeverEnding Story.

The film is based on the original German novel by Michael Ende. And Wolfgang Petersen brought the story to life in 1984, starring Noah Hathaway as Bastien. With brilliant casting, each child actor does an incredible job. And the special effects and creature creations are amazing, especially for the time it was created. The creators made the imaginative land of Fantasia larger than life, as if out of a dream.

I have loved this movie since I was a child. And watching it years later, I was pleased to see it still holds up today, with all of the same charm and wonder. Every child wants to read a book and literally become a part of it. It’s an ingenious story that appeals to people of all ages.

Unfortunately, there are no special features in the Blu-Ray edition, apart from the brilliant high definition. But this shouldn’t stop fans from getting their hands on this improved classic. With non-stop adventure and suspense, fun creatures, and epic fantasy, this heart-warming tale is timeless.

The NeverEnding Story is now available on DVD and Blue-Ray.

DVD Review: The Box

The Box

Arthur and Norma Lewis are a young, middle class couple, living just beyond their means. Arthur is a scientist for NASA and Norma is a teacher. But when a strange box arrives on their doorstep, their lives will change forever. A man with a severe burn that has taken away part of his face arrives to tell them about the box. In the box is a button. If they push the button, two things will happen. One – someone they don’t know will die. And Two – they will receive one million dollars, tax-free.

I’m not a fan of Cameron Diaz, but I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed her performance as Norma, who has a deformity of her own. James Marsden plays her husband Arthur with a little less intensity, but still believable. It’s the story that’s unbelievable.

What starts out as an eerie, horror-like drama, soon takes a turn for a head-scratching, science fiction, mish-mash of ideas. Based on the short story by Richard Matheson, an incredible idea is unfortunately derailed in translation to film. A master plan is revealed, along with motivation. But strange happenings such as nosebleeds, water-like doorways, and people brought back from the dead are never fully explained. I really wanted to like the film – the story and acting was intense and highly suspenseful. But in the end, I was disappointed with the bizarre, unexplained, and erratic events that added nothing to the story.