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Summer Glau Interview

Last week, I was able to participate in a Q&A with Summer Glau, who plays Cameron in the new Sarah Connor Chronicles!

One of the things that’s interesting about Cameron is that not only does she have the action scenes, but the comedy is very central to the character. Could you talk about sort of that deadpan attitude that you have to play there?

S. Glau – It’s just Josh Friedman. It was his idea, you know, and it was a fine balance from the pilot to the series, deciding exactly how Cameron was going to relate to the people around her. And I think we all felt that it was a great comic opportunity. It’s been really fun for me.

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Chris Olivero Interview

This past Tuesday I was able to participate in a call-in Q&A with Chris Olivero, who plays Declan in ABC Family Channel’s Kyle XY. Chris was smart and witty – I was a very fun experience! Keep reading to hear more about the upcoming episodes of Kyle XY and more insight into the character of Declan. Various media outlets asked questions as well, so I placed my questions first below…

SciFiChick: What do you enjoy most about working on the show?

C. Olivero: It’s got to be the people I work with. It’s a great group of people. We film up in Vancouver, so we’re all away from home, except for Jean-Luc and Kirsten; they live there. But we’re all away from home. When you’re on location, if you don’t have a good rapport with people, it’s harder than anything because a lot of times you have down days where you don’t have much to do in your hotel or your apartment or whatever.

So working with a great group of people, working with a great crew – and this is one of the only shows that I’ve worked on – there’s not a lot of division. The network people, the writers, the crew, the actors, everybody hangs out. It’s not really where the actors kind of find their thing and then the writers are over there and the producers are over here. We’re all in it together; we’re all enjoying it together.

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Barbara Randall Kesel Interview

I was recently able to interview Barbara Randall Kesel, writer of IDW and Gold Eagle’s upcoming Rogue Angel: Teller of Tall Tales. After reading the advanced copy, I was excited to learn more about the new comic adaptation and the writer talented herself!

SciFiChick: As the first female writer for Rogue Angel, what do you hope to bring to the series?

Barbara Randall Kesel: Hmmm… never thought of myself as the “first female writer,” but I guess I am! I don’t approach projects that way. While I AM female, and that certainly colors everything I do, including scripting, it’s not something I consciously focus on incorporating. I’m not writing Rogue Angel as a “woman writer”, I’m writing it as ME, the writer. What I bring to this particular (or any) character is my talent, my skills, my observations, and my enjoyment of complicated characterization. Maybe I have some additional insights into BEING female, but what I hope I bring to every series is a fierce respect for even the “one-line” background characters, male or female.

Where I DO turn vigilant is characters, all around, but especially the women. So often female characters are given short shrift in the character department in comics, or are rendered disposable, and I’ll grouse about that, but it’s not about the writers being male or female: it’s about the writers building well-rounded characters (and not having that just mean ginormous boobs on the girls!)

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Andy Remic Interview

Yesterday, I posted a review on War Machine. Today, I have an interview with author Andy Remic!

SciFiChick: Tell us a bit about War Machine, in your own words.

Andy Remic: … Initially, the story begins with a quest to find an artifact which will reveal to Keenan, central protagonist, the person who killed his wife and children – through the mean streets of a bustling, lawless dystopian planet known as The City – because the city has consumed the planet – to the humid jungles of Ket and the technologically advanced savages who inhabit the City of Bone, Combat K, through adventure and action and many bullets, arrive at their destination to find the artifact holds a terrible secret: which in turn spins the story on its head, and has the unholy Combat K trio sent to Teller’s World, a dead planet, and home to the extinct GodRace Leviathan. There, Keenan must find answers to his deepest nightmares… and face a terror more ancient than anything before witnessed across The Four Galaxies.

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Interview with Jeffrey Thomas and a Free Download!

Solaris Books just issued this press release:
In March 2008, SOLARIS will be releasing the much-anticipated new Punktown novel from Jeffrey Thomas. BLUE WAR is a science fiction thriller set on a colony world in another dimension, with blue jungles and exotic cultures. Private investigator Jeremy Stake is brought in by military leaders to investigate cloned human remains found in an otherwise empty city, and it leads him into a plot that could ignite an old war between two alien races. To support the publication of BLUE WAR, SOLARIS will be offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of our first Punktown novel, DEADSTOCK.

DEADSTOCK will be released for free download on the 25TH JANUARY 2008, available in PDF as well as Mobipocket Reader format.

In honor of the upcoming download release of Deadstock, here’s an interview I recently had with author Jeffrey Thomas. Enjoy his answers to questions about Deadstock and Punktown, and then go read the novel next month, free from Solaris!

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13 Questions with Natasha Rhodes

In August, I posted a short review of Dante’s Girl, which I loved.

After begging and pleading for a couple months, I finally convinced Natasha Rhodes to agree to an interview. Okay, so maybe not begging and pleading, but I did bug her a few times. And I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. From Natasha’s answers below, you’ll be able to see her wit and hopefully it’ll prompt you to go read her book! Or you can just wait till tomorrow to enter a giveaway for Dante’s Girl. So check back tomorrow!

1. For those who haven’t yet read Dante’s Girl, can you give us a brief synopsis?

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13 Questions with Eric Brown

I reviewed Helix back in June, and recently had the opportunity to interview author Eric Brown!

Check back tomorrow for a giveaway of Helix!

Angela/SciFiChick: For those who haven’t read Helix yet, can you give us a brief synopsis?

Eric Brown: The Earth is failing ecologically and humanity must find another planet to colonise. The European Space Organisation sends a colony ship on a mission to find a suitable Earth-like planet. The ship crash-lands, on what the crew thinks is an uninhabitable, ice-bound planet. However, when the sun comes up, they find they’re on the lowest rung of a vast helix comprising of some ten thousand worlds. To survive they must trek up-spiral to find a clement world. On the way they meet all sorts of alien races, and attempt to discover who built the helix.

Angela: The setting, for the most part, is set on another world(s). Did you have a definite sense of what the Helix looked like when you wrote about it? Or did it reveal itself as you wrote?

EB: The former; it was the first thing that came to me. I was having dinner years ago at a friend’s place, and he had a lamp on the table with a kind of helical beading around a glass cowl. I thought at first it would make a neat space station. Later, it came to me that it would make an interesting planetary setting.

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