Comic Con Recap: Friday Author Panels and Signings

On Friday, I made it to the Scribe Awards: Media Tie-in Writers Panel. Unfortunately, not a lot of people showed up, which was a shame since it was very entertaining. Among the panelists, were some great authors of whom I’m a fan: Alan Dean Foster, Kevin J. Anderson, Andy Mangels, and Lee Goldberg.

I purposefully had to go meet Lee Goldberg, author of the Diagnosis Murder and Monk books and screen-writer for these and quite a few other shows. He has an entertaining blog that I frequent as well:

Lee Goldberg and I

It was a huge treat meeting Connie Willis. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was a teen and read Promised Land and Doomsday Book. Female science fiction writers were even more rare back then.

Connie Willis

I didn’t make it to his panel or signings, but I was able to finally meet Mel Odom. I’ve been in contact with Mel for almost 2 years now. He was one of the first authors to start sending me review copies of his books. And since he’s one of my all time favorite authors, I have no problem devouring his books and writing glowing reviews. Mel has written everything: science fiction, fantasy, adventure, mystery, and romance.

Mel Odom and I

Also at the Gold Eagle booth, I was able to meet author John Helfers, who has written two of the three current installments of the new Room 59 series.

John Helfers

Mel and the team from Gold Eagle were kind enough to invite me to dinner with them that evening. This was another incredibly fun night meeting other Gold Eagle writers and several art directors. And of course, getting serenaded.

The Gold Eagle Team