Comic Con Recap: Saturday & Sunday Author Panels and Signings

Saturday morning I attended the Eye on the Future panel with authors Ann Aguirre, Tobias Buckell, Alan Dean Foster, John Zakour, and others.

Of course, I had to go meet the authors that I’ve been in contact with:

Tobias Buckell
Tobias Buckell and I

Ann Aguirre
Ann Aguirre and I

and John Zakour
John Zakour and I

It was a pleasure meeting them all. I just wish we had more time to chat! As it was, I had to run off to the Kyle XY panel, which I’ll be posting about later…

I also attended the Things That Go Bump panel with authors Natasha Rhodes, Joe Hill, Chris Marie Green, etc. Ironically, several of the panelists had written books with vampires in L.A.

Natasha Rhodes and Joe Hill

Afterword, I was able to meet Natasha Rhodes and spend some time hanging out down in the exhibit hall with her. (You can read my recent review with her here.) She’s a great gal, with a great sense of humor!

Natasha Rhodes and I

Thursday evening, while hanging out with author Eldon Thompson and the rest of the gang, the subject of my t-shirt was brought up. And Eldon mentioned that he’d be willing to wear one (jokingly, of course). But then, it became more of a dare. So I brought my extra shirt and met him before his panel…

Eldon Thompson and I
Studly, huh?

So, Eldon actually wore the shirt to his Playing God panel with various other authors including, and sitting right next to, Jim Butcher. What a good sport! And yes, I know I owe him one. Though, I did help him with an interview that next day, so we’re almost even.

Eldon Thompson
Eldon Thompson, author and model.

At the panel, the authors were asked quite a bit about the gods or “higher powers” in their novels. So, it was a bit strange that they included an author with absolutely no deities in his novel. He wasn’t able to answer much of anything!

Sunday, I attended my last panel on Women in Marvel Comics with Marjorie M. Liu, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and others. Current and upcoming projects were discussed, including Liu’s NYX and Kenyon’s Dark Hunter comics. It was neat to hear how encouraging they were to women in the field.

Women in Marvel

And I was able to briefly meet author Marjorie M. Liu, before heading out:
Marjorie M. Liu and I

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  1. Re: “Playing God” — the point was to cover a range of diverse choices, including “no god per se.” 🙂

    I enjoy reading your comments, but doubt I will visit your site very often — not made for enjoyment by those with dial-up connections.

  2. Hey, I got to keep the shirt, remember? By that reckoning, I’d say we’re more than even. In fact, I probably owe *you* one. 😉

  3. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be able to count the number of times you wear that shirt on one finger. lol
    Or maybe you can adapt it into a Halloween costume.

  4. Sorry to disappoint ya, but it’s already worked its way into my regular shirt rotation. In fact, I just packed it for my trip to Hawaii. I get some funny looks in the gym, but then again, I tend to get those no matter what I’m wearing.

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