Comic Con Recap: Greatest American Hero Panel

Yes, I’m way behind on this one. But here are some photos from the panel where the stars of the classic Greatest American Hero tv show talked about their upcoming project: The Greatest American Hero Comic!

I was also able to sit down and talk to Robert Culp, Connie Selleca, and William Katt each about the upcoming venture. Unfortunately, the interviews on my digital recorder were extremely low quality, and I lost them.

The comic, which will be an updated take on the tv show, preview looks wonderful, and you keep watch for it here:

Also, a movie revamp of the franchise is also in the works, with no current plans to include the original stars of the show.

Connie Selleca and I:
Connie Selleca and I
Robert Culp and I:
Robert Culp and I

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  1. Culp was chatty about the show and the comic. He was a lot of fun to talk to!
    Selleca looks great. Though she sounded a bit ditzy when she asked (after seeing my shirt), “Do women like science fiction?”

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