Dead To Me

Dead To Me, by Anton Strout, is a fantastic, urban fantasy debut.

Simon Canderous has the gift of psychometry – when he touches an object he can view its history. But this isn’t necessarily a gift when it comes to information he doesn’t want to know, especially when it comes to the women he dates. Recently recruited to the DEA (District of Extraordinary Affairs), Simon uses his gift to help others. His latest case involves a woman who doesn’t know she’s dead. As Simon begins to uncover the reasons behind her death, he soon finds himself in escalating, dangerous situations.

Dead To Me has all the fun and mystery of the Dresden Files with great secondary characters as well. Paranormal creatures and danger, infused with comedic relief, made this debut stand out from among the rest. Simon is a wonderful character that I look forward to seeing more of and how he develops. The women in his life are just as complex, and only add to Simon’s difficult life. From bookstacks that attack to cultists who are into inhaling ghosts for a high, this exciting urban fantasy has tremendous potential. With plenty of suspense and humor, I highly recommend this debut to any fantasy fan.

6 thoughts on “Dead To Me”

  1. I picked up The Dresden Files after reading about it here and loved the series. It’s become one of my favorites, so I might just have to give this series a try too. Thanks.

  2. Dead to Me is a fun book- I just finished it today (not many hours after purchase!). I find it a nice combination of magic, powers, the paranormal and politics. I’m looking forward to the sequels!

  3. John – I’m so glad! If you like Dresden Files, I think you’ll enjoy this one too.

    Heather – Me too.. Now that the foundation has been laid, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next..

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