Deader Still

Deader Still

Deader Still, by Anton Strout, is the sequel to his debut Dead To Me.

For Simon Canderous, an agent for the Department of Extraordinary Affairs, seeing ghosts and getting attacked by zombies are normal occurrences. But when a former colleague comes back into his life, she brings extra complications into his already strained relationship with his girlfriend. Mina wants his help for something illegal, and won’t take no for an answer. Meanwhile, Simon has been assigned to a case involving blood sucking creatures in the middle of Manhattan. Trouble always finds its way to Simon’s door.

Simon is a witty and completely likeable character. Besides his powers of deduction, he also has the ability to “read” the history of any object he touches. This is a power that has always seemed like a burden to Simon, until it is suddenly taken from him at least opportune time.

All of the action and adventure and zombies are back for this exciting sequel. This urban fantasy is full of clever humor, evil bad guys, and mystifying magic. The fun is nonstop and so is the suspense. Don’t miss this impressive series.

Deader Still releases from ACE on February 24th.

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