11 thoughts on “SciFiChick.com Turns 4 Today”

  1. As a relatively new visitor( only been visiting for about 3 months or so…),you have a really nice site, and the difference here is all the book reviews… tons of people have movie and TV reviews, previews, clips, etc… but the book content makes the difference here… it’s easy to read, quick to catch up on, and for me, covers topics I want to hear about…

    Congratulations on the anniversary, and many more to come!!!

  2. Congratulations! Your website is #1 in my RSS feeds. I appreciate all you do to keep us science fiction chicks informed. I especially like it when I know something before my hubby who thinks he’s all-knowing sometimes. He he

  3. Thanks, all! And thanks for reading!

    Joe – I’m glad I can bring info that keeps people interested and keeps them reading!

    Billy – I think that’s about as long as I’ve known you! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it has been 4 years either.

    Melgaye – Wow, I’m happy to even be on your RSS feed, let alone first! And yes, I know about loving to know something before a “know-it-all” too! lol

  4. Congratulations Angela, a fine achievement!

    Keep up the good work on the site, it’s one of the best SF blogs on the web. Hopefully I’ll have something else for you to review before the end of the year!

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