5 thoughts on “DVD Giveaway: The Last Dinosaur”

  1. I have vivid, fond memories of seeing this on ABC one Sunday night (yes, there was a time when networks would show semi-crappy monster movies). As I recall, the theme song was even sung by Shirley “Goldfinger” Bassey. And the hero has a name so manly, he probably uses a hairy pen to sign his name: Mastin Thrust.

    Doesn’t the fact that I can recall all this without resorting to the IMDB mean I deserve the DVD?

  2. Alex – Wow, I’m impressed with your memory!
    I read up on this one, and decided to use it as a giveaway rather than reviewing it myself. A little too cheesy and Godzilla-like for my taste!

  3. And I’ll even review it! Because in my world, “cheesy” and “Godzilla-like” are among the highest praises. Heck, I wanted to include those terms in my wedding vows, but alas, I was overruled.

  4. im totally into cheesy and godzilla like i live in bullhead city where those are part of the city motto

  5. and let the record show i live here by choice and will happily review it and am experienced at reviews

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