DVD Review: Pandorum


When Corporal Bower awakens aboard a damaged and seemingly abandoned spaceship, he has little memory of anything beyond his training. His memories about his mission and previous life are gone. Lt. Payton soon wakes up as well, and the two try to restart the ship and discover what has happened to everyone else. They soon realize they are not alone, and the terrifying reality is just as scary as fighting the madness that threatens their own minds.

Ben Foster stars as Corporal Bower, a frightened but capable flight crewman. He’s the only one who can reach the reactor and save the ship and all of her precious cargo. Joining him are Dennis Quaid as Lt. Payton, the senior officer on board, directing Bower via radio and Cam Gigandet, Cung Le, and Antje Traue as crewmen that Bower meets along the way, helping him piece together the mystery of this decrepit ship.

Reminiscent of the classic scifi film Alien, this scifi horror film was surprisingly riveting. The horror aspects are chilling, but the story is strong with more than a few surprises along the way. I was definitely impressed, having little-to-no expectations beforehand. Pandorum is a highly entertaining thriller, with impressive set designs, a gripping story, violence and gore (for the R rating), and fantastic acting.

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  1. I initially wrote this off after seeing the trailer. In fact, I thought at first they had created an adaptation of the fantastic sci-fi survival horror game Dead Space that had somehow passed under my radar. But the more I read about the film and the more word of mouth that comes my way, the more I want to see it.

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